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Increase the quality of your products by purchasing wide selection of premium quality fruit raw materials from healthy and reliable source.

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Our ability to compete with other fruit suppliers can be dually attributed to a strong agricultural tradition and highly fertile land.

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Fruit Connection products taste like fresh fruit. They are free of any food preservatives, they are adequately packed and ready for further processing.

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Quality is our only goal. Let's connect the nature's finest with you.

Sourcing 95%
Processing 94%
Packaging 90%
Transporting 99%
Successful Fruit Strategy

Our products add value to the products of global food industry. We connect premium quality fruit raw materials with you. We share all our potentials to set the highest standards in sourcing Serbian fruit ingredients to the four corners of the world. Our greatest pride is our rich offer of products derived from fresh continental fruit. Fruit preparations, ingredients, and raw materials are all derived from the single fresh piece of fruit - hand picked, carefully stored and neatly packed. Fruit Connection provides berry, stone and pome fruit for food production industry.

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