Prugna, Pflaume, szilva, чернослив, suva šljiva, kuru erik, or in English – PRUNE! A prune is a dried plum – a super-healthy nutrient and let’s be honest: the least favorite fruit. Perhaps the reason for that can be its unattractive appearance, but definitely not the taste. They are extremely sweet, soft and chewy! The reasons why we should start eating dried plums today are merely connected to health benefits that we can get from them. Nutritive value of food we consume has a far bigger impact on our health than any supplement in a form of pill, powder or capsule.

Here are 5 reasons why you should include dried plums in your diet:

1. Dried plums neutralize dangerous substances in our body

Some substances that are identified in the plant called Prunus domestica are famous antioxidants. This substances in dried plums neutralize some dangerous radicals and prevent our cells and their membranes from being damaged.

2. Improve absorption of iron

When you feel tired, have a short breath or dizziness you might have a problem with anemia or lack of iron in your body. What helps in that situation is vitamin C that improves absorption of iron. Dried plums are high in vitamin C and are much better source of it than any supplement pill.

3. Help digestion and protect intestines

Driem plums are well-known laxative – so, if you ever had a problem of constipation, here is a super-natural effective cure! Usually, constipation happens when there is a lack of fibers in your diet. Prunes are fiber-rich and they contribute to feeding friendly bacteria in our intestines which protect disease-causing pathogenic bacteria.

4. Improve muscle and bone condition

It is confirmed by research that dried plums have mineral called Boron that helps bones and muscles be strong. They can be a good prevention of osteoporosis when taken regularly. Actually, they are the most effective fruit for that purpose.

5. Prevent obesity and diabetes

Since dried plums are high in fibers, prunes help to maintain blood sugar level balanced. Fibers postpone the absorption of sugar and increase your sensitivity to insulin. When you eat a prune it leaves you satisfied after a meal, so you don’t overeat nor potentially put on some more weight.

Note to food-processing industries: If you want to be competitive in the market you should consider only high-quality raw materials for your products. Any product with this highly valuable ingredient such as prune can become number one in the market! Provide your consumers with healthy products, they will give their trust in return!

Note to consumers: Having in mind all these reasons, you should start consuming prunes…today! All products that have prune as an ingredient can contribute to your well-being. Fruit Connection cooperates with food-processing industries and we know that healthy food full of vitamins and nutritive value never stops being an imperative in food production. Take that into account and imPRUNE your diet!