Your direct connection to quality

In 2014 we started to fulfil our dream – founding the fruit company to provide you with the best quality products and to do what we love. We connect premium quality fruit products with you. We share all our potentials to set the highest standards in sourcing Serbian fruit ingredients to the four corners of the world. Our products add value to the products of global food industry. Connect with us!

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

- Steve Jobs

It all started with...

The founding team of Fruit Connection has had years of experience in the industry of fruit preparations and ingredients. At one point, it came as no surprise that their paths would cross.

At one of Europe’s leading food fairs, our enthusiasts were discussing wide-ranging use of the Serbian prune in the confectionary industry. Enjoying a short espresso, founders of our fruit company quickly realized that with their combined experience and knowledge anything but the creation of a partnership would be a waste.

Shortly after, Fruit Connection was established.

The real secret of success is enthusiasm.

— Walter Chrysler

What do we provide for you?

Our greatest pride is our rich offer of products derived from fresh continental fruit. Fruit preparations, ingredients, and raw materials are all derived from the single fresh piece of fruit – hand picked, carefully stored and neatly packed. Our fruit company provides berry, stone and pome fruit for food production industry, including: raspberry, blackberry, plum, sourcherry, strawberry, elderberry, blueberry, apple and apricot.

Each batch of fruit that enters our production units is carefully inspected and only after approval from the trained technicians, it is allowed to continue the systematic production process until it takes its final form of being frozen, dried, concentrated or pureed.

Fruit Connection is specialized in a wide range of services – supply, packaging, transport logistics (export-import clearance), and delivery. We connect you with Serbia’s finest fruit products!

Great companies are built on great products.

- Elon Musk

A strong and experienced team at your disposal!

Fruit Connection is a young organization that leaves no room for error. Its strength comes from a team of veterans, who strive to create an expansion to all markets in need of Serbian fruit products. So far, we have expanded to EU, Russian, Israeli and Northern Africa markets. Thanks to our competence, seriousness and reliability as a fruit company, we are one of the most competitive exporters of Serbian fruit products.

Get fruit connected with us! Contact our office +381 11 344 8646,   or email us –, if you want the finest quality fruit products for your industry.

Succeeding in business is all about making connections.

— Richard Branson