A winning combination of know-how and geography!

If you are in search of fruit connection for your industry, Serbia is your hot spot! Located in the hilly Balkans, with a long agricultural history and ideal climatic conditions for fruit growing, Serbia is ranked at the top of world’s fruit production and fruit processing list.

Most of the fruit is grown in perfect conditions, on small, family owned farms where the emphasis is put on quality and flavour of fruit. Each farmer is a part of fruit growing tradition, that is passed down from generation to generation, ultimately resulting in the unique mixture of knowledge and resourcefulness in fruit production and fruit processing.

Did you know that Serbia is the second producer of raspberry in the world? Don’t you know that Serbia produces about 600.000 tons of plum a year? Did you know that Serbia accounts for 69% of blackberry production in Europe?

The total area of agricultural land in Serbia exceeds 6 million hectares, with 85% of private farms ownership. The total land covered with fruit exceeds 310 thousand hectares.

- Taken from SIEPA's analysis on investment opportunities in Serbian Fruit Industry

Quality and safety standards maintained!

Close partnership with our partners in fruit producing and fruit processing, years of cooperation and full transparency are the only way to strengthen the bond between two parties.

Apart from dedicated work ethics, we can provide food safety and quality standards in fruit processing including HACCP, FSSC 22000, and ISO 22000.

As the health standards become stricter, our producer quickly respond by introducing the new ones. This gives confidence to you that we are carefully and thoroughly evaluated by a competent third party.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

— Aristotle

Generous fruit offer in four derived forms!

We export four final groups of products derived from fresh fruit:

  • IQF (individually quickly frozen)
  • Prune (dried plum)
  • Aseptic puree
  • Concentrates

What is significant to mention is our rich assortment of continental fruit that can be your best fruit raw material for further fruit processing. We offer topnotch raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, plum, apple, apricot, elderberry, strawberry and sourcherry.

Email us for more detailed offer office@fruitconnected.com and connect with the experienced supplier of Serbian premium quality fruit.

Great products sell themselves.

— Kevin Systrom

A strong and experienced team at your disposal!

Our team is determined, disciplined and diverse – unbeatable combination for success! Our diverse experience and remarkable skills in fruit industry make us your reliable partner for all future cooperations.

We do not have workforce, we have a well-rounded, complementary team at your disposal. We answer all your questions and enquiries in detail and provide you with the best quality products and services.

Check this at any time by contacting us directly – +381 11 344 8646, office@fruitconnection.com. Get your fruit connection today!

Players win games. Teams win championships.

- Bill Taylor

The most efficiently organized transport!

Fruit Connection has clients from all around the globe. We offer supply, package, transport logistics and delivery. We are fully capable of covering transport to any part of the world.

We ensure all our clients well-organised transport, safe and on time. For many years our clients have valued our transport solutions and extensive network of reliable and professional partners.

Stop the search for your fruit supplier! Contact us directly – +381 11 344 8646,   office@fruitconnected.com.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned

— Unknown