Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Based on years of experience working with our clients, we have compiled a list of common general and fruit questions and answered them. Of course, if you have a question that is not on the list or would like some additional information, feel free to contact us office@fruitconnected.com.

Definitely premium quality fruit. Our ability to compete with other markets can be dually attributed to a strong agricultural tradition and highly fertile land in Serbia. Besides premium quality of Serbian fruit, annual quantity yields are on par with agricultural giants such as China, Poland, South and North America.

If you purchase raw materials from healthy and reliable sources, you increase the value of your product. Quality products have market differentiation which undoubtedly leads to sales boost and bigger revenue.

Discounts can be negotiated. Contact us today for further details: office@fruitconnected.com

Our clients are companies from all over the globe. We work closely with them and supply their industries according to their specification.

IQF stands for individually quickly frozen. Fruit Connection’s portfolio offers a wide selection of fruit in IQF form – elderberry, strawberry, sourcherry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, apple and plum.

Cooled puree is packed in its primary packaging – aseptic bag. Secondary packaging are metal drums.

Yes. If you are interested in fruit concentrate supply, contact us directly to get all necessary details – office@fruitconnected.com

It depends on the kind of fruit. The percentage of brix is included in detailed puree specifications that you can get if you send us an enquiry – office@fruitconnected.com.

Fruit Questions

More or less supply is stable. All our products (IQF, dried plum, puree and concentrates) are available during the whole year, but prices are more or less dependent on the time of year. For more detailed info, contact us office@fruitconnected.com.

All around Serbia. Our country has very good microclimatic conditions for fruit growing. Most of the fruit from our offer is grown in the western and central part of Serbia – Arilje, Kursumlija, Kopaonik, Blace, Valjevo, etc. Some of the fruit varieties got their names after some Serbian towns where they are grown – Cacanka, Pozegaca (plum), Oblacinska (sourcherry).

No. But, all our product groups are derived from fresh fruit, hand picked and hand cut. We deliver the finest from the nature!

Our portfolio has rich selection of continental fruit and their famous varieties:
Raspberry – Meeker, Willamette
Strawberry – Senga Sengana
Plum – Stanley
Sourcherry – Oblacinska
Blackberry – Cacanka, Thornfree
Apple – Idared, Golden Delicious

Yes. We offer blueberry and elderberry wild collections in IQF form.

Prune Questions

Fresh plums are dried in drying tunnels. Our prunes are highly graded, and can be used for further processing or for direct consumption. Read more about the drying process of plum, its calibration and moisture level here (link to Dried Plum).

Once plums are dried they achieve their original moisture level of 18 -20%, and can be stored for 2 years due to the low level of moisture.

Pits from prunes (dried plums) are removed by hand.

Yes. Prunes can be rehydrated to moisture level that you require – 28-36% . They can be with pits or without. This product can have a wide range of application in the industry.

All plums in our portfolio are Stanley variety.