Have you ever thought about what your favorite strawberry topping is made of? Or a filling in a 7-days croissant? Or that apple juice you’re having right now? The answer is simple. There should be fruit raw materials for any industry. They are the starting point. For both producers and consumers, fruit raw materials should be of high priority. First of all, you need to know what you sell as a producer and of course, as a consumer what you are giving your money for.

Fruit Raw Materials

Fruit Connection is specialized in sourcing fruit raw materials to global market. We know the importance of fruit in the food-processing industry, but…Do you know? What you eat probably has some percentage of our products – fruit puree, concentrate, IQF fruit or prune.


Concentrate is a fruit juice solely (without water). Thus, it is very strong and it can be very sweet depending on the fruit itself. The most usual application of concentrate is in beverages! When concentrates are prepared in a proper way, they can be of the same taste as the fresh fruit.


Puree made of fruit has mostly culinary applications – sauces, soups, stuffing, juices, jams, etc. It is thick substance very rich in its nutritive value. Sometimes you can guess if puree is an ingredient of your favorite treat – maybe you will be surprised with the number.


If you go to McDonald’s and if you want to have a smoothie, remember what IQF is. Individually quick frozen. This form of fruit is excellent, because it offers fruits in their original form, shape, color. IQF fruit can be used as an ingredient or decoration, mostly in confectionary industry.


It is a precious fruit! Very healthy and tasty. But, it doesn’t have a representative appearance, which makes prune be a top-notch ingredient. It is used in jams, preserves, juices and as a snack – directly from the bag!

All in all, if there wasn’t for such a quality fruit raw materials, the industry would face a big problem – nobody would want to buy, and then eat completely artificial products. People need freshness, natural flavor and pleasure. In order to ensure your business the best possible fruit raw materials, you should contact our office – office@fruitconnected.com and get detailed product specifications.

Because….at the end, only the taste matters!