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With years of experience in sourcing fruit, Fruit Connection has developed with the vision of supplying the global food-processing market with the best quality Serbian fruit. We have gained the trust of our clients and today we can say that our main performance index is our large percentage of sales. We are sourcing top-notch IQF fruit in this region.

IQF method in Fruit Connection

Fruit Connection ensures superior quality of IQF fruits. Shortly after being picked, each piece of fruit is frozen according to the required standard. Fresh fruit is harvested from the fields. It is weighted upon delivery to production facility. After being washed, it is then frozen in modern static or tunnel freezers of high efficiency. We guarantee prime taste and freshness of every IQF fruit item. Our IQF fruits preserve their natural shape and colour. You get whole representative pieces – sound and ripe, unfermented and completely free of mould.

What fruit do we offer in IQF form?

If your industry needs raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, sourcherry, blackberry, elderberry, apple or plum processed as IQF, you are on the right place. Straight from the fields to the cold stores and then to you – this is your best fruit connection! We deliver IQF fruit completely cleaned, pitted, sorted and calibrated. Our IQF stone fruit has 0.1% of stone tolerance. Additionally, some of our IQF fruit is hand-cut! That is far more precise and presentable. You should also know that we offer both cultivated and wild collections of fruit. You choose - contact us to get more details on IQF specification!

You need the best IQF fruit!

When it is defrosted, IQF fruit offers all traits of fresh fruit. It can have culinary applications – used as an ingredient or decoration in all kinds of recipes. We even offer fruit second class fruit for yoghurts, smoothies, cakes or juices. Wide range of application puts IQF at the top position in food-processing industry. Forget frozen fruit as a solid block – you need individual whole pieces, that have preserved all natural characteristics of a kind. You need Fruit Connection!

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