Plum or prune

Do you know the difference between plums and prunes? Actually, prunes are dried fresh plums. They are a real nutritive treat – not only do they have major significance for our health, but they are a true delicacy. Have you already tried them? Find out more details about nutritive value of prunes by reading our blog.

Your perfect prunes supplier

People want only the best quality products for their money. When it comes to food, healthy ingredients are the ones which make the difference. If consumers insist on healthy ingredients, you shouldn't have doubts who is your future supplier of dried plum – Fruit Connection! We enable people throughout the world to relish the soft taste of authentic Serbian plums. Fruit Connection's prunes are soft, supple and shiny. They are processed with no preservatives and they can be delivered with or without stones. We make sure that all our prunes are free of mold. They are stored in dry and dark places in order to prevent them from losing their moisture.

How are Fruit Connection prunes made?

Our plums are of the international variety "Stanley" which is famous for being juicy and sweet. The drying process starts immediately after harvest, in order to ensure a high-quality product. At this point they have original calibration (all sizes) just as they are harvested from orchards. Once they are washed to remove all foreign matters, they are put into hot air drying tunnels. Once the prunes are dried, they achieve their original moisture level of 18 - 20%, and can be stored for 2 years due to the low level of moisture. At this point you have original moisture prunes with stones and all calibrations mixed. This is the starting point for all other prunes products we offer.

Outstanding prune products

Prunes produced in drying tunnels are one of our main products, because they are graded superior quality. They can be rehydrated with stones, or hand pitted.

We offer:
- cleaned original moisture (18-20%) prunes with mixed calibration
- calibrated original moisture prunes
- calibrated and rehydrated (28-32% moisture) hand pitted prunes
- calibrated and rehydrated (28-32% moisture) prunes with pits

In order to remove the pits, the prunes must be rehydrated to 28 - 32% moisture. And, guess what? Pits are removed by hand!

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Enrich your product with our prunes

You should know that people around the globe adore dried plums – they are rich source of vitamins C and K, effective digestive aid, help in reducing body weight and highly nutritive snack. They are widely used in cooking, both in sweet and savory dishes – gourmet, indeed! Processed plum products such as jams, preserves or juices demand the best raw materials in order to be unbeatable in the market. Make your products memorable!

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