What does food industry need the most? Fruit puree.

Puree of the highest quality! If your next question is WHY, think of what is the most important to your consumers – the taste! Consumers want to enjoy delicious and distinctive tastes; they are eager to spend their money only for good quality food. Why don't you provide them with the finest quality?

Fruit Connection can help you to reach your consumers and become distinctive and competitive in the market. Improve radically the taste of your products by using the puree of the highest quality fruit from our offer.

What is Fruit Connection puree like?

Fruit Connection puree maintains as many of fruit natural characteristics – it can enrich your products with the taste of fresh fruit. Our puree is obtained by the purest method of mashing fresh fruit, without the use of any unnatural processes. Careful inspection and cleaning of fruit ingredients proceed the process of mashing (0.5 or 0.8 mm mash). Mashed fruit is transferred to tunnel pasteurizer where it is exposed to high pasteurization. After cooling, puree is placed in convenient package (aseptic bags) to ensure quality remains on a par with the first class product.

Also, you should know...

Standard cold storage, adequate control of quality and testing place our puree at the top of the competitive list of fruit suppliers. Our portfolio offers impressive varieties of fruit in puree form – raspberry, sourcherry, apple, grape, apricot, peach, pear, quince, rose hip, blueberry, mirabelle, sweet cherry, strawberry, blackberry, plum... Fruit Connection works closely with you, so upon your request, puree can also be made according to your specifications. If you need fruit puree or paste as a base for your special kind of products, we can provide you with the nature's finest. Contact us!

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